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A catapult that doesn't use rocks, but hungry sharks for ammunition.
the sharkapult is one of the 21st centuries most deadly weapon.
by tristan December 14, 2004
Spanish word. Me = to me and Duele = causes pain.
Me duele mi ojo, hombre.
by Tristan February 23, 2004
for real
Aznguy1: yo im pregnant
Aznguy2: no you arent..
Aznguy3: no frealz i am
by Tristan August 29, 2003
Blue Smartie Syndrome (BSS) is caused by ingestion of the additives E128 and E133. Other additives can cause similar effect, though the previous are the most used as examples. These are colours (Red and Blue respectively) found in many sweets and processed foods in varying amounts. They are known to cause hyperactivity in children, which can lead to INAD or hyperactive behaviour. Hence, it is extremely unwise to give smarties to hyperactive children, unless you want to prize them off of next door's TV aerial.
"What? Two BOXES? That's enough sugar for them to have a high of several hours!"
by Tristan March 20, 2005
(n) Holy Communion Stolen From The Minister To Be Taken Home And Have Milk Be Added And To Be Eaten Like Cereal

Dane Cook Used This In His "Church" Stand Up Act

Hey! Jeezits Are Two For Two Dollars, whOa!
by Tristan January 24, 2005
discipline master hu seems to strike fear in the hearts of students in Serangoon Garden.

various forms of torturous punishments like apolo turn, and the cock steaming cane. (where he wld let the guys watch porn and when it is straight, he wld whack it so hard u wish u nv had a dick)
"I have a prefect hu live in Jurong and he is never late for school!"

"George come here! Do the appolo turn now!"
by Tristan April 26, 2005
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