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cheated, stolen, dissed. Jipper is not part of jipped.
He jipped me on these tickets.
by Mike Jah November 03, 2005
291 103
A misspelling of gypped.
Bob: Oh damn! You got jipped!
Jim: I think you mean gypped...
Bob: But urban dictionary has a definition fo-
Jim: You got gypped!
by phoenix January 04, 2007
266 123
ripped off, missed out on something
"all the tickets are sold out... ahhh jipped!"
"you stole my 5 cents you jipper!"
by spaghetti March 28, 2005
153 139
cheated, stolen, dissed.

Comes from the TV Term JIP, which means Joined in Progress, the saying actually came from live tv, going over its time limits and cutting the beginning of a show in the current time slot.
Man We got Jipped!
by jayrandom August 31, 2010
42 38
To make a mockery of, or to cleverly and humerously take the mickey out of someone.
1st Man: "That guy's so fat I swear he has the cubic capacity of two guys!"

1st Man's friend "Ouch, Jipped!"
"He jipped me good!"
by nuttyness April 25, 2006
21 115