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a person who has sold their soul to the devil in return for an illusion of power
dem prefects are sooooooo gay we can go in and out of B block as we please
by Jacky boi February 01, 2005
Arrogant assholes who are "head boy" or "head girl". They have special "powers" such as suspending someone because they aren't "popular", and having underaged sex with any guy/girl in the school.
Damn prefects. They are such fags.
by Your all american reject April 22, 2005
An excellent, thoughtful poster to a web board.

To write an amazingly good post to web board.

Coined in honor of the best poster on tigernet, FordPrefect.
He's a real Prefect.

He really prefected that issue.
by Bubba May 06, 2004

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