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Bull Shit Syndrome
God! Perry is such a liar! He totally has BSS!
by James Fredricks March 11, 2010
Blood Snot Shits

When you take a shit and it comes out bloody and burns. Typically includes many small floaties. Often occurs after a big night of drinking.
Holy Shit Pete, I had three BSS this morning. My asshole is on fire!!!
by ZuntleCapacitorWavelength September 22, 2013
Bowl-Splattering Shit; i.e.: it is a miracle the commode didn't explode.
1. That was the biggest BSS ever. Stay out.

2. The biggest BSS mawfaws are those televangelists.
by djn1010et January 11, 2013
abbreviation for "Bus Station Skank"; an especially derogatory variant of skank.
"Carmen Electra has beautiful eyes but she's BSS."
by fenris6644 January 05, 2007
BSS (also known as the Brian Schwandt State) occurs when the mind of a human transcends to a 3.14th dimension where the only thought is of the thoughtless. It is at this state where a person can feel that they can draw a total blank; be it a white, black, blue, slightly green, or gore red blank. Only people with practice and time spent intensively meditating can achieve the BSS. Records of people "pulling a BSS" were found dead in various places. On the roof of a really tall building, the side of the Golden Gate Bridge, or even during skiing. Unfortunately, those people were found dead, shortly after "pulling a BSS".

Common symptoms include, but not limited to: Concussions

In other words, BSS surrounds us all, we all just have to find our inner Brians.
Random person talking for 10 minutes about something REAAALLY important

Brian (after 10 minutes, pauses for 5 more): What?

Brian just pulled a BSS
by omss January 26, 2009
Jersey shore acronym meaning breakfast shower soccer
vinny is going BSSing
by Vinny23456677889674 November 04, 2011
A misspelling of the term 'bs', meaning bull shit. This misspelling means bull shit shit. A very rare mistake, good for making jokes out of.
Person 1: That's a bunch of bss.

Person 2: Bull Shit Shit?

Person 1: You know what I meant!

Person 2: What you meant is a bunch of bss!
by bsshater June 19, 2010
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