39 definitions by Tristan

ignorant jealous person that is envious of others; see tristan
'tristan is a fuckin hater, kid'
by tristan July 11, 2004
a metal canister that is placed under the blankets of a bed to make it warm, also used to describe a whore or slut... ect.
that hussy could warm my bed anytime. (haha)
by tristan March 27, 2005
A person of oriental racial backround.
A RiceNigger moved into my neighbourhood.
by Tristan June 06, 2004
A small one room economy flat.
A tiny home, with small dementions that has everything including a cooking area, living space, and sleeping quarters in the same room. Usually the bathroom has it's own separate room or area that is closed off from the rest of the humble abode.
by Tristan December 21, 2003

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