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This ubiqutous sleazy diner is made no less creepy by its family restraunt facade. Step inside and you will find it is not so much a diner as a 24 Hour Competitive Eating Thunderdome.
3am and hungry - go to Denny's.
End up blacking out while battle-eating the other drunks.

Typical Denny's patron.
by TreeWeezel November 14, 2011
Party without clothes. Admittedly, even the most extreme pants parties are "pants optional". But seriously: NO SHIRTS!
Dude: You're invited to my pants party.
Dude 2: That sounds a bit gay
Dude: Don't worry, pants are optional. Just don't wear a shirt. Really: NO shirts.
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011
Promenade of promiscuity
Ah, the prom. Oh, the pageantry. Oh, the debauchery!
by TreeWeezel April 04, 2011
Bastardization of "niggas". A friendly greeting to multiple people.
what's up, schneegros?
by TreeWeezel December 03, 2010
(Combination of elvis and tang)

The King of Tang: gifted in gathering, procuring access to, and handling of, the tang.
All right Tangvis, way to round up some tail!
by TreeWeezel November 19, 2010
Used to describe any untimely or unnecessary expenditure of effort or money.

Adapted from Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice), and in that day roads were in far better shape during the summer months, so mending roads in summertime was considered redundant.
Guy 1: "I'd better review for my phsychology exam"

Guy 2: "Study for a class that easy? That's like mending roads in summertime!"
by TreeWeezel November 15, 2010
A recreation that is characterized by the inability to bail out (as in skateboarding) or brake (as in bicycling). This makes even routine rolling an extreme sport unless there are no hills or traffic.

Stylistically, it is possible to be as dashing as Mercury, the winged-foot messenger god. However skaters are usually squatting and flailing their arms as they try to balance, so they end up looking pretty flamboyant.

Athletically, you can go for speed, skateboard style tricks, or dance moves with cones (slalom). Unless you have flat wide space, survival is usually challenge enough.
When rollerblading, always choose a route with no stop signs at the bottom of hills. And whatever you do, don't bend at the waist and flail your arms in circles like a complete fruit.
by TreeWeezel April 09, 2011
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