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Blacking out is what happens when you drink too much and you are somewhere between shitfaced and dead, and the next morning your friends kindly let you know that that tree you thought you were pissing on was actually a parking meter.

It has nothing to do with butthurt bitches turning off cell phones, computers, or whatever to ignore their (ex-)boyfriends.
Brent did not know or care that that bitch Megan pulled the battery out of her cell phone in a fit of girl logic. He was blacking out while drunk, and breaking furniture.
by r1p6yy January 09, 2008
to get so chemically altered that you don't remember anything.
so i was at this wild house party and the next thing i know i wake up next to some guy i don't even know. man, i HATE blacking out.
by Jennifer Worm January 09, 2008
When you get so wasted/faded that your brain stops storing conscious memory's, and anything that you do while blacked out will not be remembered tomorrow.
"blacking out is the action that leads to being blacked out."
Black outs can be very unsettling/dangerous, but also create potentially hilarious situations.
"Dude, Bob's blacking out."
"Why? What's he on?"
"He took a couple Ambiens and another three shots."
by Osark January 12, 2008
when one consumes so much of a substance (typically alcohol) that one cannot remember one's actions at a later time, be it later in the night or the morning after

see also time travel
I blacked out as soon as i put that fifth of jack to my lips... what the hell did I do last night?

How the fuck did I get here? I must have blacked out

blacking out has nothing to do with electronics.
by -___________- January 10, 2008
To drink so much alcohol that you dont remember a thing.
Jenny: What happened last night?
Christy: You don't remember? You need to cut down on the keep blacking out!!
by ghodsi January 09, 2008
Clicking on a link believed to be of something interesting or important only to be led to the music video for the Rebecca Black song "Friday". Similar to Rick Rolling.
Craig: Hey check out this sweet bike on ebay
Dave: Ok, send me the link in an email
*Clicks Link*
Dave: My Ears!! I think they're bleeding!!
Craig: You are so Black-ing Out!
by Juwanna Mannn March 20, 2011
when really when white washed black people act balck all of a sudden.
tyra banks comforting people

oh man she is blacking-out on television
by possumd September 03, 2008
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