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11 definitions by Timothy Tool

One who likes touch and fiddle with unclothed, smooth, prepubescent, genitalia.
When I was a young boy my uncle, the renowned kiddy fiddler, pulled my pants down and fondled my unit.
by Timothy Tool November 08, 2004
406 141
alcoholic shit sprays
My underwear was covered in tequila diarrhea this morning.
by Timothy Tool July 11, 2004
30 18
One who licks the penis that has just been inside their own unclean asshole.
Ever since I saw poo on Branka's mouth, knowing she is fond of cock sucking, I had a hunch that she was a penis shit licker.
by Timothy Tool November 08, 2004
16 6
the secret ring of flesh that comes out from inside your ass and hugs your turd goodbye.
1) My skin tube got kinda torn and bloody after i ate all that fiber and meat. It hurts right now.
2) I want to pierce my skin tube. How much will it cost? ; )
by Timothy Tool July 11, 2004
17 17
When you've de-underwared a girl and your about to lick her twat only to suddenly slip your nose into her pussy and breath in through you're nostrils.
I need to get me a cud sniffer so I can get off from feeling his hot nostril breathe inside my cunt.
by Timothy Tool November 08, 2004
8 11
A sexual predator dressed up in face paint, a red nose, a colorful fro wig, with floppy shoes.
When I was ten years old I stumbled into a dark alley in the city and saw the Mad Clown, with his sinister grin, running towards me with a squeaky horn and I got the FUCK out of there!
by Timothy Tool September 02, 2004
5 8
When a wet butt hole breathes and loosens up before it is fucked.

When the hole is so relaxed it is open for fucking
Will you please pucker your butt so I can insert myself into it? ;)
by Timothy Tool July 11, 2004
22 28