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A tampon that had to be surgically removed by a doctor after having been rotting for an extended period of time due to the tampon user having been fucked with said tampon in her cunt.
Please someone get a doctor; it hurts I've got a trampon and its moving its way up my small intestines, plus it stinks in there!
by Timothy Tool December 21, 2004
cud with a log of poop.
Someone left a cud muffin under the blankets on that bed; I wouldn't go near it if I were you.
by Timothy Tool November 10, 2004
Severed bowels starched into the shape of a bowl and then filled with milk and cereal. They are usually served with a spoon and a napkin.
Person 1: "Dude, I can't find the bowels and I am so hungry!"
Person 2: "I haven't cut them out yet and they will still have to dry before we eat out of them!!"
by Timothy Tool July 12, 2004
A pie pan full of digested apple shit that is baked at 350 degrees. It is served piping hot-crunchy on the outside soft and wet on the inside.
What is aunt Betty's secret recipe for her delicious brown pies?
by Timothy Tool July 12, 2004

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