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A person conceived via anal sex as opposed to vaginal sex that is as a result hideously disfigured to the point of heinousness.
Phil is a buttbaby and he therefore is fucked up looking.
by Tim November 03, 2004
get a girl from behind...spit on her back so she thinks u busted and then.... when she turns around to see the action... BAMMM... bust in her face.
" i gave a girl the bigges philly ever! She was covered!"-tim
by Tim February 25, 2004
its all good
how are you?
all is well in the cosmos
by tim October 20, 2003
(n.) A golf score of two strokes under par on a hole.
I can't believe Bob shot an eagle on 15!
by tim September 07, 2004
To experience another reality on acid or shrooms.
I had this time loop trip where I walked out of the phone booth and into the car and everytime I got in the car, I was back in the phone booth. I walked up the stairs to go to the bathroom and each step was a layer of hell that lasted for an eternity until I flew out of the stairs in a spaceship.
by Tim March 13, 2003
prescripted drug to put you down for a good 8 ours
11 straight hours of work...time for ambian for a good beddy-bye.
by tim June 21, 2005
sweet, gnarly, awesome
That backside 540 that kid just did was nector.
by Tim January 02, 2004

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