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One who specifically seeks out Jews for relationships; Someone who can't get enough of the jewish-folk
Greg, quit being such a Jew-monger!
by The Awesome February 05, 2005
One who is from New England and is unable to speak properly; has most trouble with "r"s
John: I pahked my cah at Hahvahd yahd.
by the Awesome April 19, 2005
Stimulation of the vagina; masturbation or manual/oral sex.
Zac really doesn't like to tend to the axe-wound.
by The Awesome February 05, 2005
One that is from the Boston area, and has a very thick accent. Often calls water fountains "bubblers" and has troubles with pronouncing the letter "a" in certain words.
Gibbs, what the hell is a bubbler? Oh, thats right, you're a Bahston Bahstad
by The Awesome March 05, 2005
Although some people believe that junx is a noun, junx is really much more than just a noun. Junx can be a noun, but it is really an expression used to express surprise, sorrow, or excitement.
girl 2: juuuuuunx!

girl 1: I saw her all up on my boy and I was like... "juuunx!"

girl 1: mmmm. cheetos.
girl 2: pass me some of that junx!
by the awesome January 23, 2005
George Bush is teh 1337 and he came from TEXAS so, don't fuck with him, or j00'll be nuked biotches!
Don't mess with texas you stupid sand nigger!
by The Awesome March 28, 2005

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