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The true meaning of this phrase: It's an ANTI-LITTERING ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN started by the Texas Department of Transportation! See www (dot) dontmesswithtexas (dot) org.
It's an anti-littering campaign that has helped remove trash from Texas roadways by reminding people to clean up after themselves, so don't mess with Texas or you'll get a huge fine!
by Txgirl December 29, 2007
It actually is a phrase that means the same as "Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute". It is on "Do not litter" signs in the state of Texas.
Man reading sign: Don't mess with Texas.
Other guy: What the fuck does that mean?
Man: I'm not sure, but I don't think we should be throwing these dead bodies here by the look of this sign. It says littering is a $500 fine.
Other guy: Shit.
by Syrupsippa October 08, 2010
A phrase in which "big men" from Texas (see George W. Bush) will use in defense of their state.

Little do they know that it was a slogan coined in the 1960s by Ladybird Johnson in a highway beautificatoin campaign. So when you hear some macho cowboy say this, what they mean is "Please dont litter in my state."
I'll mess with Texas all I want! I just won't defenestrate my garbage.
by JakeStar April 21, 2005
Something that a typical Texan will say...anyone "messing" with Texas is an impossibality because states are not allowed to have conflicts with other states let alone foreign dumbshits
"Don't mess with Texas!"
"go back to Grade school!"
by asdfsa October 07, 2006
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by The Awesome March 28, 2005
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