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In a similar mould to the dutch oven, but the air biscuit is caught in the hand, which is then used to transport the pungent aroma as close as possible to the victim's nostrils before it is opened.
Also known as cupping.
by TLO Smudge May 11, 2004
A toilet seat that is mounted backward on the pan causing it to overbalance and not remain in the upright position; instead coming crashing down past the urinator creating a momentary flash of panic and misdirection.
See Ben's bathroom. Note that trains and aeroplanes have a clip mechanism to prevent this happening.
by TLO Smudge April 30, 2004
A remarkably easy woman with margarine thighs, the village bike
Eg. The girl at school who let anyone have a feel for ten pence.
by TLO Smudge May 03, 2004
a jazz mag, one handed reading material.
As he heard his mother he hurriedly stashed his monodextrous literature under the bed and hid the jizz rag.
by TLO Smudge March 02, 2004
To take a dump, drop the kids off at the pool, log out, lay a cable, curl one out, crimp off a length, sink the Bismarck etc.

For the uneducated, Tarka was an otter.

For the *really* uneducated, an otter is a slick water dwelling mammal which slides gracefully into the water. Oh, and they're long and brown.
Blimey! Never should've eaten that fifth burger last night - I'm touching cloth here - mind if I nip off and release Tarka?
by TLO Smudge July 03, 2004
To masterbate, crack one off, perform fist rape, date the first mate, bash the bishop, yank the plank, shake hands with the unemployed, pull a pint on the love pump attend a menage a mois and, most pertinantly, to spank the monkey.

Mary Chipperfield owns a circus and got in trouble a few years back for physically reprimanding a primate in her care.
Hot damn boy! That be good monodextrous literature! I'm off for a quick Mary Chipperfield - wheres my jizz rag?
by TLO Smudge July 04, 2004
To spaff on someone from a great height, usually from a tall building.
She looked up at the wrong moment and she got a hot monocle as well as a good seagulling
by TLO Smudge April 26, 2004

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