4 definitions by T2kizz

Being so completely amazing at basketball, you just take your time and keep scoring away because no one can touch you.
Oliver and I were playing basketball after work just milkin' the honey.
by t2kizz September 21, 2010
A faux medical term to describe staying home to masterbate.
I can't come into work today I've got a case of the Vertistrokes.
by t2kizz April 08, 2013
When it starts raining and everyone prairie dogs above their pod walls to stare hopelessly at the rain as if they've never been outside or experienced rain before.
Weather dictates a corporate rain dance around noon today.
by t2kizz January 10, 2014
Sudden interruption before finishing something desired.
Was writing an essay when my computer gave me The Boston and rebooted.
by t2kizz April 15, 2013

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