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an old fashioned cold-sore balm that retails for $1.29 and comes in a yellow container.
My lips are so chapped. I shall go purchase some Carmex creme and then use to to unchap my lips.
by syNergy October 04, 2004
Abbreviation for the game 'counter strike source'. Cs:S is 100% leeter than normal CS, and there are less cheats too.
Freak: I bought CS today!
Other freak: Coon, CS:S is 100% leeter than that fat shit.
by SynergY January 22, 2005
A term in which "Leet Haxors" use to describe a past event which required completing a counter-strike game done the #nFc way.
Oh man, that was pwnage.
I saw nFc today! Man, they have some serious pwnage!
by Synergy June 18, 2003
This word is traditionally used in an urban setting. Swearing that something is true. An affirmation of the validity of a questionable statement or factoid. Originated from 'swearing on ones dead nephews.
person A: she gave me brain.
person B: naw dawg, you ain't a playa like that.
person A: yo! on the nephs bitch hooked it!
by syNergy September 17, 2004
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