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A really good Chapstick
I love this carmex, it's the best chapstick around!
by Bob Chute June 13, 2009
an old fashioned cold-sore balm that retails for $1.29 and comes in a yellow container.
My lips are so chapped. I shall go purchase some Carmex creme and then use to to unchap my lips.
by syNergy October 04, 2004
The best chapstick brand known to man, it also relives cold sores. For fun it can be squirted very far and looks very cool when done right.
"Mike R. won't stop putting on the freaking carmex, he's in love"

"Dude at recess I threw carmex at Joanna and it looked like some one had given her a spiderman"
by Jeff Johnson May 25, 2005
A highly addictive chap stick. The crack cocaine of lip balms. The good stuff.
Where the fuck is my carmex?

by KimberFL April 22, 2009
something that is sweet to put on your eyelids and feels really cool
dude i was drunk last night and i put carmex on my eyelids, it was awesome
by the captain February 05, 2005
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