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56 definitions by Stuart

A classy name given to someone who is (or is being) a complete idiot.
Fred's just a fudgenutter. Ignore him and hopefully he'll go away.
by Stuart October 13, 2003
Derog. term for male who is driven by sex; Usu. to the point of employing prostitutes for sex on a regular basis.
Shut it bitchlicker, what you talking about?
by Stuart September 08, 2003
Visious anal sex, only to be preformed raw dog.
Me and Sarah were sitting on the couch then I gave her the Brown Plow!
by Stuart August 18, 2003
The process of government acquisition of countries, usually in the context of money and power.
A series of land grabs in the Balkans provided the scene for what was to become World War 1.
by Stuart March 27, 2004
a yummy food used when you are at war to throw at the bad guys and to harness its power to blow up Japan
A high tech nuclear battle suit that will be used in the war between the Aliens from mars and the Earthlings of 2223
by Stuart December 18, 2003
Akin to 'shooting the breeze'. Passing time doing nothing in particular.
I'm just sitting here, you know, shooting the shit.
by Stuart October 31, 2003
Old term used to refer to adult relations between a man and a woman. The birds reflect women, the bees reflect men, in a subtle but notable reference to sex. These days, we tend to be a lot more abrupt when discussing these issues pertaining to 'the birds and the bees'.
Why yes, son, she is a fine looking young lady. One day, I must sit you down upon on my knee and teach you about the birds and the bees.
by Stuart October 11, 2003