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56 definitions by Stuart

Trying to find the source of a problem. Often associated with computer. Usually a pain in the arse.
I found this Microsoft trouble shooting manual, and now I think it would be more appropriate that I shoot myself.
by Stuart October 11, 2003
Code word for cock used when it is clearly inappropriate to use the true word.
You like the clock.
by Stuart November 18, 2003
A very leet cs player, a god
"OMG he is like stuz0r"
by stuart August 08, 2003
something that sumerians used to make theri sacrifices
by Stuart July 10, 2003

A drinking game for 2 or more players, each with an uncanny desire to get "drunk as shit" off of delicious bagged or boxed wine. The game consists of each player holding the bag way above his or her head, drinking until satisfied, and then passing the bag around to the next player. This player then does the same thing and passes the bag until emptied.
Hey, lets go play bago in the kitchen with mom.
by Stuart March 27, 2005
plural of baz. A word used by 'bazzers' or 'chavs, barrys etc' to describe going somewhere.
Barry: Can't talk mate, gotta baz down to the shops and pick up some fags
Guy: Your picking up some homosexual people?
by Stuart March 07, 2004
A person that sucks off the good will of others, to take advantage of people or persons.
Can u take me to the station, it 5 meters away but id rather 'Mooch' off you and drive.
by Stuart May 16, 2004