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Awesome surname originating in Malta. Translates to 'rabbit', a subtle reference to the reproductive skill and prowess of the Fenech kind.
Long live Fenech!
by Stuart October 31, 2003
Involvement in some way where you can not be personally identified.
Anonymity online when looking at pron would be nice.
by Stuart October 11, 2003
a) a warning label affixed to boxes and merchandise, for sale. Similar, to the book of revelations in the bible... just condensed.

b) a proprietary computer where You can't replace anything on your own.. you can't hire anyone besides compaq to fix it.. as they can't get the parts...
Not even screws.

c) the source of 25% of all the scrap metal contained in landfills abroad.
Aw f*ck.. not another compaq.
by Stuart January 30, 2004
Created by a man called Bagimodo of the shire (Warwickshire) to initially describe the internet.
"I don't know where to buy my computer from"

"Have a look on the Pojangonet"

It is now widley used by those who know it, but for many other purposes.

As a sign of frustration

"OH Pojango"

Often if someone can't think of a word they will use Pojango in it's place

"You know that thing, the erm....erm....Pojango"

If something is high or drunk

"That guy is Pojangoed"
"that guy is out of his Pojango"

I'm sure this word will ecumulate more and more definitions by the day which is why it makes a truly, truley Pojango of a word!!
by Stuart February 04, 2005
A highly impressive band from the south of england. Political Lyrics about people and drugs. Hard Rock Genre.
Dood1: I just saw Million Dead
Dood2: Yer Dood1 they rule
by Stuart March 07, 2004
Bloody awesome Australian rock band (1981-1998) best known for the songs "Throw Your Arms Around Me" and "Holy Grail". Legends.
Hunters and Collectors are the finest band to ever have originated in Australia and quite possibly the best band in the world.
by Stuart October 13, 2003
a contradiction in terms. Classic example of an oxymoron.
Australian Idol. Act Naturally. Original Copies. Military Intelligence.
by Stuart May 07, 2005
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