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Derog. term for male who is driven by sex; Usu. to the point of employing prostitutes for sex on a regular basis.
Shut it bitchlicker, what you talking about?
by Stuart September 08, 2003
a lesbian whore...but only the really dirty kind...bitch-lickers often have mullets...
-"Hey Maynard, lets hook up with a couple of bitch-lickers and a six-pack"
-"Ok Dwart, but this time make sure mama's not one of them."
by poopsie hamsterchunks November 29, 2003
A bitch licker is someone who enjoys the taste of a female dogs gooch.
stupid bitch licker
A five foot long stuffed dolphin whom me and my friend do every tuesday. And when we put it between us we call it a "bitch sandwich". His name is Bitchlicker, and for short it's "The bitch"
Get down on the ground Bitchlicker and let me fuck you up the ass.
by Anthony Scrima February 27, 2004
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