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1. A score of 69 in sports.

2. The 6-9 combination in pool, particularly 9-ball.

3. 69
1. What's the score?
I got the magic number

2. One way to win the rack: the magic number. The 9 is hanging in the pocket.
by Stop the pendulum January 08, 2006
An affectionate name for a Maine Coon cat.
I adopted what I thought was a grown, neutered cat, but when I brought him to the vet for a checkup, I found out he was a 6-month-old, unneutered kitten. Needless to say, he grew to be a 20-pound monster because he was a coon and I didn't know it.
by Stop the pendulum January 03, 2006
To do a female friend a favor by keeping her from getting it on with some unworthy male. The noblest thing to do for a friend.
My friend has gotten involved with an absolute pig! He's such a man-whore that the only right thing to do is to twat block her so she doesn't get some disease.
by Stop the pendulum December 24, 2005
A nickname for catnip.
I had to use some nip to get the cat to use his scratching post.
by Stop the Pendulum July 12, 2005
1. A unspayed female cat, especially one who had a litter of kittens.

2. A female cat who thinks humans owe her a living.
1. The queen has an easygoing temperament and passed it to her kittens. They'd make purr-fect house cats

2. That calico sure runs the house. Her Meowjesty has her humans wrapped around her tail!
by Stop the Pendulum August 28, 2005
The act of passing out after having taken only two hits of (usually) high-potency weed.
That shit was so potent it gave him a 1-2 punch. The guy was out cold on the floor!
by Stop the Pendulum February 18, 2006
a prolonged outburst of hissing by a cat.
Tweety, my late calico cat, constantly hissed at the other cats in the house. We called her Madame Hissy Fit as a result.
by Stop the pendulum January 11, 2006

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