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Trouble With Authority. Said of a chronically rebellious person.
This kid is said to have ODD, or Oppositional Defiant Disorder. That's just a fancy-schmancy way of saying the brat has TWA!
by Stop the Pendulum November 21, 2006
To sneak out of the house without your fellow household members knowing where you are, and not leave your loved ones any way of contacting you.
You forever poof out on us, so I might have to file a missing persons report.

I checked the kid's room in the morning only to find out he poofed out in the middle of the night.
by Stop the Pendulum August 13, 2006
An unwritten rule that dictates that the wishes of a gir's or woman's female friends supercede that of the male.
Female #1: My boyfriend is a gangbanger and wants me to be Bonnie to his Clyde.
Female #2: I don't give a shit what the hell he wants! If you keep going with him, I'll have him taken care of, if you know what I mean. We're supposed to be friends to the end, and after all, the law is ladies first!
by Stop the Pendulum March 12, 2006
Women Taking Over, said to piss off a male chauvinist pig.
Male: I'm the man. It's a man's world and you belong beneath me, bitch.
Female #1: Not so fast, mister. This is 2005 and women's equality is here to stay.
Female #2: Lady, you haven't gone far enough. Let's piss off this sexist pig big time. It's WTO, baby--women taking over!
by Stop the Pendulum March 14, 2006
A cat, kitty, puddy, etc., that meows, purrs, and can be a pain in the ass sometimes.
Boots, my mouse trap, caught two mice within two hours of my bringing him home.

Why buy that spring contraption that only squashes your fingers when you can get a real mouse trap--Kitty?
by Stop the Pendulum May 26, 2005
A so-called journalist or pundit who mindlessly parrots the Republican party line and/or sucks up to the Bush administration, at the expense of the truth and objectivity.
You can't trust Fox News. They're all a gang of media whores.
by Stop the Pendulum May 24, 2006
Straight; hetersexual; not gay, lesbian, or bi.
I'm a female who I know will disappoint some girl who would want to get with me, but that's too bad. Hell will freeze over before I ever turn gay; that's because I'm normal.
by Stop the Pendulum April 16, 2006

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