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The most comfortable part of your bed, often slept in by your dog or cat without the human's permission.
Every night, I find my cat sleeping in my grave. I have to throw him off the bed so I can get some sleep!!
by Stop the Pendulum April 04, 2006
A white, largely Southern, social conservative opposed to social progress, civil rights for nonwhites, and political equality. They were the old Dixiecrats who have switched to the Republican party. They're now also known as Dixiecans.
Characteristics of a Dixiecon include: overt or thinly veiled white supremacy; in-your-face sexism; an outward show of patriotism by flag waving while at the same time evading taxes and military service; religous fundamentalism; and (active or passive) allegiance with white supremacist hate groups, better known as domestic terrorist organizations.
Dixiecons have this country held hostage to their small-minded, redneck views. They're trying to pass unconstitutional voting laws requiring photo ID. They claim it will reduce voter fraud (read: large minority turnout), but in fact, it's designed to keep poor people, especially the elderly, disabled, and minorites, from voting out the Dixiecon mafia.
by Stop the pendulum June 01, 2006
An idiot with so great a self-esteem issue that he or she is bigoted against members of his or her own race, gender, national origin, religion, or culture.
What a self-hater! She's whiter than snow yet she not only thinks she's black, she has the unmitigated gall to tell me I'm the hater because I have a problem with those who won't accept themselves as they really are.

I'm tired of conservative women, self-haters who parade around telling us women shouldn't vote.
by Stop the Pendulum August 08, 2005
1. A kitten between 6 and 11 months of age.

2. A young feline too old to be called a kitten but not yet full grown. A "teen kitty."

From cat+adolescent
My kitty weighs 14 pounds, yet he still thinks he's a small kitten. I guess it's because he's an 11-month-old catolescent.
by Stop the Pendulum August 11, 2005
1. To do something you don't want others to know about or what you shouldn't be doing, e.g., selling illicit drugs, assaulting others. A code phrase for being involved with some criminal activity.

2. To associate with people your friends and family regard as undesirable or beneath your dignity.

3. To take care of important business.
1. You gotta do what you gotta do to survive because there are no jobs available.

2. I know my friends think my boyfriend's no good, but I'm doing what I gotta do.

3. I'm doing what I gotta do to get something to eat.
by Stop the Pendulum March 13, 2006
A legally purchased revolver or pistol, typically used for self-defense at home or away.
A woman who lives alone in a rough neighborhood ought to have a steel bodyguard if she can't trust the human variety.
by Stop the pendulum January 31, 2006
The ability of someone to ferret out the truth about you without your saying one word; psychic powers. You either love or hate someone with this quality.
You have to be honest with this lady. Her swami sense is so keen she knows you're a liar before you even open your mouth!
by Stop the pendulum January 14, 2006

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