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The ability of someone to ferret out the truth about you without your saying one word; psychic powers. You either love or hate someone with this quality.
You have to be honest with this lady. Her swami sense is so keen she knows you're a liar before you even open your mouth!
by Stop the pendulum January 14, 2006
A politician, usually an ultraconservative, fascist Republican, but occasionally an ultraliberal, who pretends to take moderate positions on important political issues during an election year. Once elected, this politician will suddenly forget his or her campaign promises and govern from the fringes.
Election year moderates from the far right: Rick Santorum (latin for Asshole); George W. Bush; from the far left: George McGovern (1972)
by Stop the Pendulum August 09, 2006
A long series of farts that occurs after several attacks of the runs.
I was on the pot all day from diarrhea. Now I know I feel better; I'm getting exhaust fumes.
by Stop the Pendulum April 27, 2006
An evil, amoral, crude, sexually promiscuous male with no sense of taste, decency, or conscience, no respect for womanhood, and often leaves women with disases and/or kids they deny and refuse to support. This specimen is often observed bragging how much of a playboy, player, or "pimp" he is, but in reality, his absence of morals make alley cats look as though they have standards. Will often engage in sexual practices that would disgust a civilized human being.
You wonder why I've been by myself for all these years. There are no decent, eligible men to be found.
The only ones available are too young, divorced men who'd judge all women by their exes, or worse: pigs who I wouldn't eat for breakfast if they were the last speck of food on the planet!
by Stop the pendulum December 24, 2005
Honestly; seriously; not joking.
On the square, I think you ought to get yourself a pet if you're so lonely.
by Stop the Pendulum August 20, 2005
A female dog who is regularly dominated by one or more cats. Her male counterpart is called a pussy whipped son of a bitch
I can't rely on that mutt to guard the house--she's such a pussy whipped bitch that the cats could do a better job of keeping out intruders!
by Stop the Pendulum June 23, 2005
A sense of right and wrong, something neocons right-wing republicans, and other garden variety sociopaths do not have.
You have to check your conscience at the door to work for the White House nowadays, simply because the Bush administration doesn't have one.
by Stop the pendulum January 21, 2006

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