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a kickass person

one of ample coolness

a very confident person
"o, shit man, that girl looks like a rucker"
by RachelAdams March 14, 2007
To embarrass someone. To totally destroy someone or make them your 'bitch'.
I just ruckered you.
You got ruckered in that game yesterday.
by skron September 23, 2005
Hung like a horse; everyone's favorite black guy.
Oh my god, its Rucker!

The last guy i slept with was such a Rucker!
by ignitetheassceans August 18, 2011
someone who rocks out
man, you're one cool rucker
by steph March 23, 2005
To take it up the rear - usually male to male contact. Rump Ranger
Please don't drop the soap or someone may rucker you
by Chris Mayo May 25, 2011
a reallly big and fat dumbass..
hey Chris, how's it feel being a rucker?!
by betitsux2beU July 06, 2012
A sexual position in which one bends over at the waist while standing in which your hands are placed together in a praying position and put between your legs.
Josh: I'm horny.
Katie: Then assume the Rucker, I'm gonna bang you rucker style.
by Barnum and Bailey April 17, 2007