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A word used by PC gamers to describe the cost-friendly practice of developers in which a video game is clearly designed to accommodate the limited capabilities of console systems.

Symptoms include inferior graphics, sluggish gameplay, clumsy user interfaces, checkpoint-based save systems, a lack of dedicated servers, limited customization and simplified game mechanics.
It was clear that due to the overwhelming amount of negative user reviews of Modern Warfare 2 for PC that Infinity Ward had contracted consolitis.
by Steakface February 19, 2010
A program that one watches on television as a masturbatory aid.
Tommy: Richard, were you watching spanktravision?
by Steakface August 16, 2010
The act of climbing onto someone's car hood on your hands and knees, inducing vomiting onto their windshield, and then wrapping the car in plastic wrap, thus sealing in the vomit.

It is traditional to stake-out the location to observe the recipients reaction from a safe distance.
Person 1: "Hey, Juan is at work right now, we should go bother him."

Person 2: "I have a better idea: let's give his car a Michigan Duffle Coat. He'll be so pissed!"
by Steakface November 22, 2009
Having ninja-like appearance or abilities.
Leonardo: Are those guys... ninjas?
Michelangelo: "Well... they're certainly ninja-esque"
by Steakface October 31, 2009
The act of emailing someone, such as a close friend or ex-girlfriend, while under the influence of alcohol in an attempt to somehow have intercourse with her despite the fact that it is physically impossible during such circumstances and that the complications caused by such actions will likely lead to humiliation and self-loathing.

The rise of convenient email and text messaging has created new potentially embarrassing situations for those prone to drunk dialing.

A typical drunk-mailing scenario might involve a drunken male sending nearly identical emails featuring sexually motivated, alcohol-induced confessions of love to more than one girl, leading to several ruined relationships.
Person 1: What were you thinking? You had to know they would compare the emails.
Drunk Mailer: I was drunk mailing, I don't even remember sending them...
by Steakface December 17, 2009
Annoying/Pretentious vegetarians who deserve a slap in the face with a steak.
'Sheila deserves a good slapping, what a a steakface.'
by steakface March 19, 2013
Inside-out tissue dangling from the anus. A direct result of taking it up the ass too much.
The whore had a tube sock hanging out of her ass.
by Steakface June 15, 2010
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