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Having sex or sexual relation with dead bodies
Wow, I don't care if she's dead I will have sex with her, I'M A NECROFILIAC!!
by Solid Dragon August 23, 2003
A very great version of Hentai that is artistic in the way it depicts the innocence and beauty being destroyed by the monster

(Like you never felt like a hidius monster in front of a beautiful girl)

Eather that or just an ultra cool way to see girls being fucked both are good! :)
by Solid Dragon August 24, 2003
Japanese for "Solid"
There is Kenrou, Liquid and gas
by Solid Dragon August 22, 2003
A cool game that unlike the annoying Mortal Combat doesnt require your fingers to be tied in knots to do the simplist of things
a game that rocks!
by Solid Dragon December 18, 2003
Something that governs the lives of some but to the wise we know we make ouwr own desteny
their is no fate but what we make ourown
by Solid Dragon December 20, 2003
A game company that used to make good games known as Spyro games but now only makes crap called Ratchet and Clank!
Insomniac should have stuck with Spyro!
by Solid Dragon September 09, 2003
A sound who'se volume/pitch makes people lose control of their bowels

in other words shit themselves
YUCK it stinks in here ever since the Brown Noise happened!
by Solid Dragon August 30, 2003

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