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A character from a brilliantly awesome video game. A diminutive four-legged dragon that has a sidekick named Sparx. All bow down to Spyro and Sparx! <3
Spyro the dragon is so cute and cool!
by Rambie August 09, 2005
Game character originally from the Playstation (PSOne). He's a lil purple dragon that collects gems and does tasks to save the end from some evil villan.
"Spyro is one 1337 dragon!"
by Killy the Fox April 18, 2004
A unit of measurement for how cool something is.
Named after the famous scientist who established the term.
You're jugling sharks on the moon while breathing fire, that's at least 0.8 Spyros
by northdpole January 28, 2014
In one of Valve's games, Team Fortress 2, a player who plays as a spy and disguises themselves as a pyro. They are usually very obvious to spot.
There's a spyro trying to get onto the battlements.
by xmaaron September 27, 2010
Origin: Valve's video game hit Team Fortress 2 - A team based capture the flag style first person shooter. Players are allowed to choose from different classes of soldiers to participate in battle. One attribute of the spy is that they can disguise themselves as any class of the opposing team.

When a friendly teammate spots a disguised spy as a Pyro.

Horus says "Watch out team, we have a spyro running around, see if you can frag him."
by [Pantheon] Lono May 21, 2008
When two or more asian women who are pregnant squeeze the milk out of their breasts and drink it, most often with them drinking each others and not their own. (Drinking your own would just be gross)
Man 1: "I love watching videos of Spyro on the internet."
Man 2: "Yeah, he is kinda cute for a dragon."
Man 1: "Dragon?"
by A Lonely Horse May 23, 2011
Nickname given to spironolactone, a drug often prescribed to pre-op transexuals. None to cause moodiness and excessive urination. Named after the dragon of the popular video game series. Sometimes called "the dragon" though not frequently, as it could be mistaken for opium.
"Spyro is kicking my ass today. I've been pissing and crying all morning."
by PrincessJetta October 23, 2008

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