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A smaller-diameter belt used to strap an oversized penis to the leg of a person so that it doesn't flop around in their pants.
Ken's dick kept flopping around, so he strapped it to his leg with his new leather chumuckle.
by Sneaky August 07, 2004
the use of a female's reproductive organ along with miscellaneous household items to create a makeshift bong for smoking marijuana, while at the same time, the bong bubbles greatly arousing the women subjected to the clit bong.
Katie volunteered to be the clit bong for the day in exchange for a quo of marijuana, which she would smoke out of Jenny's vagina tomorrow.
by Sneaky September 01, 2004
insult directed towards a person/friend who is constantly releasing methane gas
Damnit Ken! Plug your fucking ass cannon, I'm tired of the room smelling like shit all the time!
by Sneaky September 01, 2004
the nickname given to a person, during masturbation, whos reproductive organ emits a sound similar to a blaring trumpet to display his sexual arousment to others
Ken, you crotch trumpet, make your cock shut the hell up! I've had enough of that shit for one night!
by Sneaky September 01, 2004
the nickname given to bloody diarrhea
Awww! Fuck! I filled the toilet with butt ketchup again!
by Sneaky September 01, 2004
Ma-Shell is an urban carnie. Which is someone who has small hands and smells like cabbage but is found in an urban environment. ie: At a dance space or a city type space.
"hey you're cool and urban but you smell like a quick sale cabbage what a ma-shell"
by Sneaky February 07, 2005
The creator and master of the

n e w
g r a p h i x
r e v o l u t i o n
CommanderJinx, second only to Jesus.
by sneaky September 23, 2004

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