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Someone who,no matter how good they are at Resident Evil 4 or Super Paper Mario, looks like a complete idiot to other people watching them play.A Wiidiot is someone who spends about £60 a week on games and 10 hours a day prancing around infront of the TV shooting or blowing things up and looking like a retard.
Son:Mum, where's Dad? I haven't seen him for hours.

Mother: Oh, he's upstairs on your Wii again looking like a total Wiidiot.

Son: Oh. He's a knob, isn't he?

by Sir Bartholomew McTavish November 06, 2007
Euphemism: Meaning 'erect penis'

To have a somewhat larger than usual 'semen submersible'

The thing which stands out the most during puberty,

Similar to the Statue of Liberty unveiled on October 28th 1886, except a regular penis does not come with torch, face, stola or sandals. (Usually.)
Other euphemisms like 'Statue of Puberty' include...

Morning Glory
Bishop's Crosier
Hugh Jwang
Stomp On
A Barred Dock
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish October 09, 2009
The act of baptising a girlfriend, wife, fuck buddy (daughter's?) breast or "baps" region with god's sticky nectar.
PATRICK:I say, did you hear that Tom Baker and Lalla Ward were married in the early 1980s?

SPONGEBOB: No. Bet she got a few bapjizm s off that ex monk ex Time Lord kick ass old dude, who's still on Little Britain.

PATRICK: Sphincter.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish July 25, 2009
1:) Not just insane but cock-o-nuts insane.

2:) Dick & balls euphemism.

3:) Jim's granny from American Pie 3.
HERMAPHRODITE #1: Dude, why do you have that Sony Playstation 3 up your ass?
DUDE: Because I like it.
HERMAPHRODITE #1:Dude, you're not just insane, you're cockonuts.
DUDE: Thanks.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish February 17, 2009
1. A person who is a bastard and a cunt. Or a mixture of both.

2. Misspelt custard.
ELSIE: Any of you guys reckon that new guy at works a cuntstard?
MILLIE: Yeah, who is he?
ELSIE: My husband, oh and you're fired bitch.

FRANK: Hey did you try Lisa's cuntstard?
DEREK: That's my wife, you fuck! (Hits him.)
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish August 30, 2008
Someone, usually lazy wankers, who use Wikipedia to do homework, teachers to mark their student's coursework, politicians to find and pass dumb ass laws and what George Lucas looks at online all day while he makes $478.55 an hour doing fuck all.
Mum: Son, are you doing your homework?
Son: Yeah, I found the answers on the web
Dad: Fucking wankipediac.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish August 25, 2008
simply congregruity between the word norkand the abbreviated word fantastic.
Meaning 'tits that are fantastic'.
1."Say Chesne, check out the rack on that munter, ok she looks like a Scottish Mastiff having a heart attack in a barrel of kippers, but the juggs sure are norktastic"

2.Lindsay NoHands

3.A drunken moment when your watching Jumpin Jack Flash when Whoopie's skirt is getting shredded and you almost hope those nuggs of her flop out.
by Sir Bartholomew McTavish June 14, 2007

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