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The Lara Croft morning after pill.
1: "My birth control just failed"

2: "Go get yourself a Womb Raider"
by tehwyman January 19, 2010
One who has a relationship with a significantly youger individual.
Smithy: hey man, i shouldn't let Johnny go near your daughter anymore.

John: why's that ?

Smithy: he's turned to a cradle snatcher, apparantly been doin the rounds at the local high school.
by mike November 29, 2003
Person (usually female) who kills a full term pregnant female and cuts the baby out of the uterus to keep for themselves.
Korena Roberts is a wombraider
by bob1222 June 08, 2009
a lovely musical act from california that specialize in extreme gore/death metal. They are also dead sexy!

Laquanda: Ohhhh shhhhit! yez i dun seen dem mofos plizay! day be da shizzile fo show!!!
by wombraiders November 03, 2005
a great hardcore porn film made by fresh unit. a spin off from tomb raider.
>u seen womb raider?
>>yea its great
>i know
by john robertson June 14, 2004
An individual that frequents third world countries in order to procure babies that do not belong to her.
"Angina Jolly was famous for her collection of third world babies. She is quite the womb raider."
by iPooPant August 12, 2011
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