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yet another way to go tell someone to fuck themself
Yeah, Blow me.
by shelly February 10, 2003
topsy-turvy; weird
I ate those mushrooms and now I feel all cattywompus.
by Shelly April 18, 2004
The best day in the world!
Hey, its 4:20, time to hoot!!!
by shelly April 18, 2005
One who studies the activity of weather
my cousin is a meteorologist
by Shelly May 01, 2003
Someone or something that prevents a man or woman from getting fucked. Usually a cockblocker is a friend of one who is trying to get his/her fuck on.
Nick to Shelly: "Jesus is a cockblocker!"
by shelly September 27, 2004
a psycho bloke who comes from Blackpool. When sober, is generally sarcastic - which to people he dont know, gives really bad first impressions , and is genreally good at computers. HOWEVER

feed him some alcohol and he becomes a psychotic woman raping whore. Tells his friends how he would like to do shot girls one handed, and finds it difficult to not shout out to fit birds how nice their ass is, regardless whether or not their boyfriends are present.
Friend : hi Stu, who is your friend... he's a fuckin nutcase. He shouted to some bird that she was fit then her moche boyfriend jumpped on his back and cut his ear open... then he got headbutted by a police horse!!

Me : ROFLMAOLOLZBBQ... thats Frazer James
by Shelly February 03, 2005
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