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Located in Seattle, WA.

Strictly speaking, Lake City Way between NE 95th and NE 125th streets.

Infants found in garbage cans. KFC's making meth. Ricks and prostitution. Probably, next to Aurora, the diciest and trashiest part of holier than thou Seattle.
That KFC over there used to be a meth lab. Seriously. The one in the Lake City Ghetto.
by Sasquatch6666 September 26, 2010
Overweight reaching unhumanly, i.e., OGRELY, proportions.
OMG. After eating all the turkey at Thanksgiving, Aunt Fran is officially ogreweight.
by Sasquatch6666 November 22, 2014
When the tip of the penis "accidentally" slips into another persons orifice.
Girl 1: How was your date with Peter last night?
Girl 2: It was all fun and games until did slip the tip. Then things went south from there.
by Sasquatch6666 January 24, 2015
An obese woman (or man) whose breasts are bigger than the stomach. ( noun )
Oh my god Becky. Look at that woman's boobs. She is such an obeastitty.

I was just at the gym. An ogreweight guy in the locker room had a total obeastitty.
by Sasquatch6666 January 24, 2015

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