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Acronym for Jerk Off Instructions. A POV porn niche where the porn girls give explicit and detailed instructions on how to jerk off.
Greg found out that he couldn't stroke to a fulfilling orgasm unless he was watching hot girls in JOI porn.
by August 31, 2010
400 134
Acronym for Little Dick Loser.
The guy on the beach with the acorns in his Speedo is such an LDL!
by March 07, 2009
202 26
A sexual service male, must be well hung and hot looking. Does not need to have money or a good job, just be good in bed. Women of all ages use service males for hot sex, but have no plans to enter into relationships with them. In the hierarchy of males, the service male is between the alpha male and beta male.
Women use service males as life-sized dildos. Service males are only good for one thing! Sexual service.
by February 22, 2009
76 3
A tennis elbow type condition caused by excessive, frantic masturbation while viewing porn or frantic, fast masturbation caused by lack of privacy (in dorm room, in men's room at work, etc). Once the condition sets in on one arm, the jerker often switches to the other, to rest the arm which is suffering.
The porn jerker thought that the ice pack might ease his jerkoff elbow pain.
by July 21, 2009
72 2
Pulling on a limp dick trying to get it hard to the point of futility, often done while drunk and horny, but unable to get hard due to whiskey dick
Drunk girl to drunk guy: Stop the taffy pulling, just pop a Viagra if you can't get it up manually!!!
by July 22, 2009
75 7
On Twitter, a Hash Tag (#) Whore is a Twitter user who places a hash tag in front of nearly every word in their tweets in an attempt to get as much attention as possible
One Girl to Another: Check out the Tweet from Zoe!

Tweet: goin 2 tha #club 2nite #getwild #getcrazy imma wearin my #sessy #dress from #forever21

Another: What a Hash Tag Whore!

Girl: She totally needs to lay off the hash tags
by June 24, 2010
81 15
When someone crank calls a Chinese Restaurant inquiring about whether they have certain items on their menu, one being Hu Flung Pu (Who Flung Poo) and the other being the notorious Cream of Sum Yung Gai or Cream of Sum Hung Gai (Some Young Guy or Some Hung Guy). If the order taker doesn't speak English very well, the crank convo can turn out to be humorous.
Cranker: Yes, good evening, I was wondering if you have Hu Flung Pu on your menu?

Order Taker: Hu Flung Pu, no we have Hu Shu Bean Curd and Pu Pu Platter, which you like for take out?

Cranker: Does the Pu Pu Platter come with a lot of Pu Pu

Order Taker: Let me read you what comes with Pu Pu Platter
by July 15, 2009
81 15