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when someone starts a sentence with this phrase it means one of two things;
1. They are full of shit.
2. They no longer have anything useful to contribute.
Ted: Alot of Guy Ritchie films are similarly themed.
Bill: I agree, but the thing is they all use different characters.
Ted: That's because they are different films
Bill: Ya i know.
by SamSquanch21 November 30, 2009
An injury that a person acquires as a result of being bored and looking for some form of excitement or stimulation.

Similar to a Bar Scar with no alcohol involved. More common in males then females.
-how did you get that big lump on your head?
It's a boredom bruise, i tried doing a back flip off of my couch.
by Samsquanch21 April 11, 2010
When leaving a tip at a restaurant you hide your money under the dirty dishes, giving the server a false impression.
I thought those people stiffed me but they left a top secret tip
by Samsquanch21 September 10, 2010
Similar to hucking in biking/skateboarding. However there it is just jumping off of something without worrying about the consequences.

Can be used as an action word.
Don't worry about how we will get down, we will just Johnny Rogers our way down.
by Samsquanch21 April 08, 2010
When you hit your head off something and have a golf ball sized bump.
"hey man wtf happened to you?"
-"I got blasted last night and hit my head"
"did you ever bro, you got a 100% legit Tiger Woods Special going on up there"
by Samsquanch21 December 20, 2009
When trying to say good bye to someone and they keep replying to your final words. It is worse in regular conversation then through some sort of instant messaging.
Kyle-Alright man we'll see ya later.
Frank-Ya taker' easy.
Kyle- ok you too man.
Frank- Always. We'll talk to you later.
Kyle- Ya for sure, I gtg bye.
Frank- Bye.
Kyle- Ok stop talking this goodbye is never ending.
by Samsquanch21 November 26, 2009
Replacement word for Fuck when using T9 or Sure-type messaging.
txter1: Wat u think of bill?

txter2: hes a ducking idiot.
by SamSquanch21 October 04, 2009
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