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What do you really need to know?

QUAD 4 simply means a 4 valve per cylinder 4 cylinder engine Oldsmobile produced, and GM put in various cars from 88~94.

A few facts: the QUAD4 was produced from 88~94. While a lot will still refer to the engine that replaced it as a QUAD4, it is not. It became the "Twin Cam". While I can't get into GM's Engineer's heads on the why, the fact you can not bolt a 95 right in where anything from 88~94 was is probably the main reason. Having said that, the basic engine was very much the same from 88~2002, which is why most people will refer to the any 2.3L or 2.4L in those years as a QUAD4. Why does it matter? Well the fact is when Olds (all the engines are Oldsmobile motors byt the way, regardless of the make its in) first made the motor, which was prior to the production model in 1988, they were making 750HP with a 2.2L version of it. (An Andretti drove the indy car it powered to more than 226mph laps at Indianapolis.)

So, for most of us what do we care? We care that we can get v8 power from a 4 cylinder with 4cyl economy when we can keep our foot out of it.

So, why does it get bashed all the time. Well like anything else there were some growing pains which did include some engine failures. More or less those problems have been resolved. Even in the older configurations the most significant issues have readily available fixes.

So, what should I look for? In a perfect world you would want a post 94 block mated to a pre 94 HO head. You would get the best power with the newer fixes and a smoother running motor. In reality, if you want reliable economy, look for a 96 or later twin cam version. (some people will refer to the single cam as a QUAD4. well clearly it is not as it only has 2 valves/cyl) If you want serious out of the box OEM power grab an early 90's HO. It has to ba a VIN A motor (8th digit), and ALL of them will say HO right on the engine cover. It doesn't guarantee anything 100%, but it will have that cover if it hasn't been changed.

So, what should I stay away from? Avoid the early single cam motors like the plague. These engines are where most of the bashing comes from, even thought they aren't a QUAD4. Also avoid sticking with the original head of ANY pre 95 QUAD4. This may sound like a stupid thing to say (ya want me to buy a car and change the head?) but if you're thinking about buying a cheap car that happens to be in good shape, why not spend $300 and take 90% of your worries out in an afternoon. A person with SOME mechanical ability, the right tools (nothing fancy or expensive) and an off the shelf guide from a parts store can do this job in about 4~6 hours depending on the person and work area.
Olds Cutlas Calais 442, Olds Achieva SCX, Chevy Beretta GTZ all have the quad 4 HO model making 190HP with no modifications.
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
Japped: VERB - Past tense. To be completely and totally surprised by an event. An event that takes you off guard. An event that you would normally expect to know about in advance. Generally the event has some negative impact. Although it has been reported as such; race has no bearing. In fact you can be "japped" by anyone or anything.
Duck Hunter #1: (referring to the ducks that just flew over his head from behind) "Woah! Those Teal japped the hell out of us!"
Duck Hunter #2: "No shit! I didn't see or hear them until they were 40 yards out over the decoys!"

SpongeBob: "Squidward really japped us by inviting us on this cruise with him, huh Patrick?"
Patrick: "duhhhhhhh, what?"
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
Test Depth: NOUN. The depth at which a US Nuclear Submarine is certified to dive to at any given time. Generally this is a depth not reached on a regular basis. It is only attained rarely, and not under normal circumstances. If done so under "normal" circumstances it is only after careful preparation. Test Depth is roughly 2/3 crush depth.
Nervous NUB: Are we really going to test depth today?
Salty Dog: STFU you useless POS! Ain't nothing to be afraid of, hell I got more time on a shitter at test depth than you have on this boat!
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
STS: NOUN Acronym for the United States Navy job classification or rate of Sonar Technician Submarines.
My friend joined the Navy and is a Sonar Technician on a submarine. He said he is an STS.
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
Coner: NOUN. On a US Submarine it is used by members of ratings who's watch stations are aft of the operations compartment, not including MTs on SSBNs. Generally NUCS believe themselves to be better than any coner. This feeling arises from the fact a NUC usually has had more training, it is more difficult training, and they often have to work harder than many other rates, particular those of the 'coners' whos jobs are genrally less physically demanding.

A NUC will often comment on how a 'coner' lives at the 'pointy end of the boat'. This highlights the fact they need more sleep as any dolt looking at a Submarine can see the AFT end is far more pointy than the FWD end, lol.

Ironically its those who despise a 'coner' who are themselves, by their own definition anyway, 'coners'.
Nuc MM #1: Whos the NUB?
Nuc MM #2: Ah he's another coner, an STS.
Nuc MM #1: Another guy that'll be hittin' the beach before us all the time, makin rate faster, and hangin out in Sonar all the time.
Nuc MM #2: Yeah those coners sure are stupid.
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
SONAR: NOUN. Acronym. SOund NAvigation and Ranging. Originally SONAR was primarily use in an ACTIVE mode. This entails transmitting a very powerful tone through a hydrophone and listening for return echos. It is possible to determine the distance and bearing to any object that returns an echo. Later SONAR began to be used passively to listen. Most ships emply SONAR in the form of a FATHOMETER which is used to determine depth. SONAR is more widely recognized in the form of a fish finder that can be purchased inexpensively adn is used to help fisherman locate fish underwater in a manner similar to a fathometer. Some animals use SONAR including whales and dolphins, some fish, and even mammals (bats).
Bats use SONAR to locate insects.

Most films depicting submarines use a corny 'beep' to signify the sub searching or being searched for by SONAR.
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
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