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A Person who is hailed as the top drift driver in a race(s), this usually involves drifting that exceeds in speed, angle and danger. Although many have tried to claim this title it is clear that it belongs to Keiichi Tsuchiya (born in January 1956) who became a professional race driver after years of experience racing in underground street races.
Yo, that guy is the drift king in this town.

"I drift not because it is a quicker way around a corner, but it is the most exciting way" - Keiichi Tsuchiya drift king :)
by Seftoner July 17, 2006
The one and only "drift king" there is and ever will be is a man named keiichi tsuchiya. He was the pioneer of drifting as we know it today. He was the man who took a driving skill and turned it into an art form, culture and passion.
"If drifting is your religion and Keiichi is your god"
Edward Loh, Editor, Drifting Magazine

In '84 Tsuchiya wins the Fuji Freshman racing series 6 races in a row. His tail slide corning style earned him the “Drift King” name. (rumor has it that in the final race of the series he lead the entire race, won the race, but drifted every single corner, every single lap.)
by VanIslKidDrftr November 24, 2006
Poser drift king (DK)
A person with no obviouse driving talent and an over-powered Japinese car that daddy bought them, who has watch to much Initial D or Fast and the Furious 3.

Usualy self proclamed drift king, who thinks slaming on the e-break around an corner and loosing traction is drifting.
Usualy is referd to by others as dick king, and winds up wraped around a tree.

This posers car is usualy recognised as a "Ricer"

covered in Brand names (of products they dont have) such as HKS and Apex'I, also known as a shopping list

can be heard comeing from the next subburbe due to its Milo Tin Exhaust,

oversized crome rims,

Lowerd to the point it scratches the ground, and bounces even on smooth roads,

an aluminium GT Wing the size of a park bench bolted on to there boot,

and ugly oversized fiberglass body kits that do nothing.

Theses cars are often seen out a night and wraped around trees, poles or other similar objects.

Keiichi Tsuchiya (the real Drift King)
the true drift king is Tsuchiya Kei'ichi a professional racing driver from Japan. He is also known as the "Drift King" otherwise as Dorikin for his non-traditional use of drifting in non-drifting racing events, and his role in popularizing drifting as a motorsport.
He is also known for Tôge or mountain pass driving.
The car he is most famous for driving is a Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno a.k.a. the "Hachi-Roku" in Japan (hachi-roku meaning "eight six".
Yo, i is the best doriffta, is is the Drift King, yo.
watch me go, "Srceeech, smash."
oh crap i is in critical in the ER.
by Drift Munkie September 04, 2006
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