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when having sex with a girl, your inside her pussy for so long your dick gets soft.falling asleep whilst this is happening is not uncommon
Robbert- "dude did you Hook up with that bittie?
Joey- "yea but I couldnt bust a nut so I just went into hibernation.
by jwizyadig September 27, 2010
To disappear off the radar socially. Usually this happens after extended period of partying so a downtime is required to recover.
"Have you seen Maria lately? I haven't heard from her since that party two weeks ago."

"No, I haven't. She must have gone into hibernation."
by BlancoRussian May 11, 2014
When someone keeps a significant other throughout the winter only to dump them once spring arrives to be single for the summer months, they are said to be in hibernation.

Usually occurs when a guy dislikes the weather conditions in winter and refuses to go to the bar to look for girls.
Jay: So my winter girlfriend has been really bitchy lately, I may have to dump her earlier than usual.

Neal: You're winter girlfriend? You're just going to drop her once its over?

Jay: Yeah man, I'm in hibernation. Its too shitty to go out to the bar every night in this snow.
by Jegster July 13, 2010
When a man approaches a sleeping woman, and places his penis in her open mouth, subsequently falling asleep on top of her face.
Last night, after Judy fell asleep, I couldnt resist committing the hibernation. I packed that baby in for the winter months to come.
by Ralen April 10, 2005
The act of buying extra weed in advance, preparing for the coming weeks where supply may be low and demand is high, so you can just hide away with your mates and get high when everyone else is chokin for a smoke and you dont have to worry about it.
buying a half ounce instead of a twenty bag and commmencing the hibernation
by Stedgyson November 19, 2006
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