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One who is random. The original gmpiglet was often known to make such sounds as "bok" until it discovered that this was in fact a type of domesticated goat.
W007! 17 r 73h ub3r n00b, gmpiglet. 715 pwn3r 0f 1337.
by |8B> February 02, 2005
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This is the name by which you refer to people whose name is gmpiglet. Its route is G.M. Piglet , which is a genetically modified pig juvenile. Its first usage was at .
gmpiglets, if there are more than one -they sometimes have minion gmpiglois (singular gmpigloi)- can go into a hibernation like state, where they look like decomposing fungus.
1. I was brutally slayed by a gmpiglet.
2.gmpiglet is...something
3.Where has gmpiglet gone? I think he is dead...
by robbie March 31, 2004
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