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When many attractive girls travel with one ugly one at the end; see Brain, sloth, or brain train.
"Oh man, looks like the brain train is rolling in, hopefully the sloth caboose gets knocked off."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
1. referring to the act of giving "head"

2. also referring to an attractive woman, or one who you'd like to receive brain from.
"Yo Ant, your sister totally gave me some steaming hot brain last night."

"Daaaaamn, that female is quite brain, and I do believe I would enjoy sticking my penis within her speaking hole."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
A group of attractive females travelling all places together, generally with one less attractive one to further their own appaearances; see Brain, sloth, and sloth caboose.
"oh man, looks like a brain train is rolling into our station."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
Boobies, bazungas, chesticles, sweater kittens, flesh pillows, ta-tas.
"Snap, check out that chicks duffs! i'd like to bury my face in them."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
One, generally of the male species who is extremely childish in nature or appearance.
"Did you see John's new haircut, he's such a boy-ass."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
An extremely unnattractive female; see Sloth Caboose
"Damn that fatty out front the movie theater was one sloth-ass bitch."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
Referring to the marijuana or cannibis plant.
"Yo Ryan, lets go smoke some shenanigans."
by Rob Engle August 28, 2005
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