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23 definitions by Rihanyce

really big penis syndrome

having a really, really, really, REALLY big penis
Person 1: Do you have RBPS?

Person 2: No mine's only 11 inches.

Person 3: Dude that is really, really, really, REALLY big!

Person 1: Nah, you're just saying that because yours is small.
by Rihanyce September 25, 2010
The strategic placement of 2 penises to where it appears that one is the square root of the other.
Monica: Luda, you can't quadratic peinor my dad.

Ludacris: Why?

Monica: He's your uncle!!
by Rihanyce August 28, 2010
In southern states, a lesbian. In northern states and other parts of the world, a drunk asshole.
Christopher: Look at that stappo, she can't even walk she's so drunk

Willie: Mane she aint no lebeshian
by Rihanyce May 24, 2010
A city that is so amazing yet so awful. The 20th largest city (after we got el paso'd), Memphis is a city where the popular phrase "Location, location, location" really comes into play. Staying away from the airport (unless you have a plane to catch) is probably a good idea, even in broad daylight. Also, any street with someone's full name in it (e.g., Elvis Presley Blvd, Danny Thomas Blvd, etc.) has a tendency to attract poverty, crime and poor sanitation. But if you're smart enough to stay close to the river or the suburbs you can find some pretty interesting things and some great food. Don't go to Graceland; it's expensive and boring. However, Memphis is home to a wonderful zoo, Mud Island, and many national and state parks and museums that its residents often take for granted. It's much better than Knoxville, where the Mountain Dew they drink isn't manufactured by Pepsi Co. Memphis' main problem is a racial divide that is caused by a majority of blacks hating whites because they assume all whites are inherently racist. Yes, I realize I just did the same thing. Get over it.
Memphian: Damn, I hate Memphis so much. Why did I have to work so hard at FedEx?

Nashvillian: I love Memphis! Nashville is so boring.

Knoxvillian: I hate Memphis. Everyone there is so snobby. I mean, come on, who brushes their teeth every day?
by Rihanyce July 21, 2011
If you can fit five fingers, you get a discount
I got the five finger discount because that ho had a loose pussy
by Rihanyce November 26, 2011
Commonly, a disorder that subjects its victims to FUCK SHIT VAGINITIS unwarranted expletives
I fuck shit have Tourette syndrome
by Rihanyce August 13, 2011
A declaration that one is not interested in the topic at hand but that one does not have the proper IQ to come up with a more interesting topic.
Amelia: My grandfather died

Zeus: Cool story bro
by Rihanyce May 23, 2010