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23 definitions by Rihanyce

A city in southwest Tennessee (U.S.A.) known for its lack of culture, crooked government, and breakfast food. Everyone there is either pitch black or albino white trash, listens to either ghetto music with the word "nigga" repeated 40 times or banjo ska music, and either smells like shit or... smells like shit. The suburbs are oases in the cruel desert, with Germantown and Collierville having the fliest and most attractive people in the world. However, Arlington and Millington are just as bad as the inner city, except without black people to take out the white trash.
Judge Joe Brown: Sentenced to thirty fave years in Memphis, for farnicatin'
by Rihanyce May 21, 2010
A drink that women and pussies drink because they can't shoot a whiskey. Generally popular in brothels, clubs, and college dorms.
Butch: Want some whiskey?

Theodore: Um, no sir, I mean, if that's OK with you, I will stick with the, um, tequila, if that's OK.
by Rihanyce May 23, 2010