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Amphetamine or amphetamine salts. Not meth, you incorrigible fucknuts. Speed lacks a methyl group. Don't do meth.
John: I'm on speed right now.

Joe: You're on meth?!

John: No, I'm on SPEED, you incorrigible fucknut.
by Rihanyce November 18, 2011
An American recording artist who sings about lesbian relationships, manic depressive disorder, getting married while drunk, and sex on the California beach.
Katy Perry: California girls we're unforgettable
by Rihanyce May 24, 2010
A site that shifts from Tinychat to Xtube. Many perverts reveal their hairy penises on the site.
Amy: I saw your boyfriend's penis on Chat Roulette! Now I know why you're always in a bad mood.
by Rihanyce May 22, 2010
What you say to someone when you don't want to talk to them.
Mariah: Don't call me, I'll call you.

Marshall: Aight. Be waitin.
by Rihanyce May 23, 2010
A black guy with a calm personality but an offensively large sexual ego. Probably has a tattoo reading "Sexual Chocolate".
My name is Tarell but mah friends call me Sexual Chocolate
by Rihanyce May 23, 2010
A 2009 single by Mariah Carey expressing her disgust for American rapper/drug advocate Eminem.
Why you so obsessed with me? Boy I wanna know
by Rihanyce May 22, 2010
A racist crook who used to be the mayor of Memphis. Entirely responsible for the current state of shit Memphis is in.
Did you vote for Willie Herenton?

No. I don't think he wants me to vote for him, anyway. I'm white.
by Rihanyce August 28, 2010
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