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UUUUUHHHH thats the stuff. By far the most useful upgrade for Terran marines and firebats in Starcraft that when researched makes them more effective killers. They fire and move faster and do things you never thought they could do. Marines in large numbers that are 3-3 with stim pack and U-238 shells researched are pretty much unstoppable. Only negative attribute is the fact that it takes away 10 health from the user.
Stim packed bats make quick work out of zealots n zerglings.

Stim packed marines pwn mutas.

All surviving marines and firebats that have seen alot of combat become battle fatigued and abuse stim packs later in life.
by Rega May 22, 2007
1)A person that wont stop following you or a group that you are in.
2)A terd that doesnt want to fall out of your ass
Matt kept following everywhere I went, that god dam clinger.

I was on the bowl for a fuckin eternity last night. I had a clinger that juss didnt want to fuckin drop
by Rega October 13, 2006
-Random Nade is a term that is used by players participating in multiplayer matches of first person shooters (Call of Duty 3, 4, WaW and Halo 3). When a player is in a match and his view is completely obstructed by a wall or some sort of blockedge, he may chuck a grenade over it in hopes of getting a kill. When he does the grenade will do 1 of 3 things. 1) Land and explode doing no damage. 2) Explode and wound someone. 3) Explode and kill an opponent.

-Random Nade kills are soley dependant on chance, the enemy needed to have chosen to go to that spot at that time. For a perfect Random Nade - You have to be at the right place at the right time, throw at the right angle, hold the nade for the right amount of time and choose to jump or not.
Bill is playing CoD4 and was killed by a grenade and is watching the death cam:
"Oh my fucking God, he threw it over a wall, it hit a pipe, rolled off a window ledge hit me in the head and exploded next to my foot. Mother Fucking Random Nade!"

Playing CoD4:
Frosted 1337s stops infront of a wall and throws a grenade over it.

(seconds later)

Frosted 1337s ((o)) Robate44
Frosted 1337s ((o)) lycan 987
Frosted 1337s ((o)) Beezerblanks

"Woooooot Randam Nade for the win!"
by Rega June 16, 2009
In the game of Starcraft - The unit given to the Zerg race after a Queen infests a severly damaged Terran Command Center. It cannot target air units. Its suicide attack does 500 base and splash damage to ground units and buildings. Its armor can be upgraded from 0 to 3.
AFK4LIFE: he dropped an infestie in my money and killed all my workers :(

Random Racist: Infested Terrans are just muslims brainwashed by the Zerg
by Rega May 22, 2007
A player in Cod4 who clearly sees that you have a claymore set up in a spot and plants his in a way so that he will get the kill.
Person A:I already put a claymore at the door, why'd you put your 2?

Person B: Cuz i wanted to.

Person A: You fucking faggit claywhore. (Proceeds to blow them up)
by Rega August 23, 2008

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