59 definitions by Red

The act of tagging.
Lets piece this joint.
by RED December 04, 2002
The act of tagging. Varying size, complexity, and color usage.
Lets go bomb that fat wall we scoped last nite.
by RED December 04, 2002
A block and tackle mounted on a makeshift tripod, usually used outdoors to lift an engine out of a car.
Well, you can have it, but you'll probably need a hillbilly hoist to lift it into the bed of your truck.
by Red March 29, 2005
The number after 6 and before 8
"five, six, seum"
"Dat nigga got bout seum or eight slugs"
"I'ma need bout seum dollars to make it to work next week"
by Red February 12, 2004
a large group of male unloading into the tub and have the slut dive in and get back up while covered with white jizz
by Red September 29, 2003
The language of a bimbo
Rosie is a dab hand at bimbonics
by Red October 12, 2004
skinny white nerd
"i hate you nathuuuu"
by red March 08, 2004
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