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Shley00 is a cheezerholic
by Red December 15, 2004
A seiya is a creature that resides in the vast virtual plains of active worlds, they tend to be very competitive builders and very moody as well, approach with extreme caution.
Look at that seiya thinking she is so much better than us, well screw her! o_O
by Red July 17, 2004
to refer to your patna when he is ackin a fu'

used explicitly when baggin on your homies to they face.
Shut up you muggalunch ass muhfocka!
by red April 08, 2004
a Female Penis
shit that bitch has a penis
by Red May 17, 2004
A place of mythical origin. Finding Anthor usually involves dengerous quests, slaying dragons and the sort.
Dml: i am going to lok for anthor
Red: sounds like a mythical quest
Red: I'm going to loch of anthor!

*a few minutes later*

Dml: i foiund antor
Red: he found anthor!
by Red July 07, 2004
Greek word for a sex act involving licking of one's partners asshole
Moro mou eisai gia glifokolarada?
by Red November 12, 2003
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