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1.male whore
2.A slutty man
David is such a manwhore.
by RED February 08, 2003
poo, crap, shit.
Holy Shitznit.
by red October 28, 2003
this is the only movie that really had a hot lead character. eric draven with makeup rules and every guy shud look like him. i love him \\ m //
"victims....arent we all?" *STAB!*
"a whole jolly cluster of jolly pirae nicknames!"
by RED May 07, 2004
Famous Greek pornstar from the 80's.
Used to denote someone massive cock size
Kremetai san ton gousgouni!!
by Red November 12, 2003
Acronym: International Brotherhood of Fifth Squad.
There goes those IBOFS guys talking their crypto-homo banter.
by Red February 16, 2005
A term used in an IRC channel #Community. It means to royally own someone by banning and demoting them from community. Also known as "Get rid of this idiot"
What an idiot...
by Red December 12, 2004
Low level gang member, or punk. Also noted as the typical Guard by Terry prachett. They attack the hero of the piece one at a time, instead of overpowering him with their superior numbers. A Scobe is no the lowest of people, but is the most common, useless muck. A Scobe has no great abilities at all. Numerous Scones are identical, and all fail to achieve anything without the direction of their leader. (who or whatever the leader migth be)
No don't get up you stupid scobe, you're on the ground for a reason!
by red December 15, 2004
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