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To play with a guys ball sack with your foot while in water
"Last night I gave my boyfriend an Aqua Foot Job in the hot tub"
by Rebecca June 29, 2004
Acting both suspiciously and conspicuously at the same time.
That man selling drugs at the bus stop looks very conspicious.
by Rebecca September 10, 2003
"goody goody" ; )
Billy is the hottest "goody goody" on this whole damn planet!
by Rebecca August 12, 2003
Stupid lazy, uncultured, angry, poor, and bored white person (generally) with little or no tolerance to anyone different than themselves.
The hick thought it was 50 cent draft night, he was so distraught about having to pay a whole dollar he complained about it for the next 5 days.
by Rebecca April 10, 2004
random word used for female sex toy
..I'll be back, I need a bit of time with shpoink, god damn sexual frustration.
by Rebecca December 18, 2004
Hideously ugly person, someone who looks like a cross between a hippo, a crocodile a dog and a pig
Dave's new girl is a right hippocrocodogopig
by Rebecca January 24, 2005
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