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One of the native peoples of Australia, the other being Torres Straight Islanders.
Before Europeans came to Australia there were hundreds of different tribes and languages. Many were killed and few traditional languages remain.
The Aborginials have been in Australia for 50,000 years.
by Rebecca March 05, 2004
knowing alot of shit in one subject. well-learned
The hooker was erudite in subjects such as sex and drugs.
by rebecca July 09, 2004
when something is really great or unbelievable
Yo, this is off da hook.
by rebecca March 30, 2003
A band with meaningful lyrics. Often melancholy, and very addicting.
"Terrified of telephones and shopping malls and knives, and drowning in the pools of other lives, rely a bit too heavily, on alcohol and irony."
-The Weakerthans
by Rebecca August 14, 2004
people who over stay thier welcome, eat all your food and never repays
We can't get these squatters out of our house!
by Rebecca April 13, 2003
Term started in late 1950's. Traditionally, a girl attending Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. A true 'pearl girl' must be able to wear pearl earrings and necklace with EVERY outfit. A pearl girl is a daddy's girl and usually from an affluent Southern family. She wears Lilly Pulitzer and can quote from "the preppy handbook." She accessorizes every outfit with ribbons, bows and pearls.
She's truly a southern pearl girl! She's wearing Lilly and pearls--always well dressed.
by Rebecca September 24, 2004
A song written by Queen and David Bowie, that Vanilla Ice lifted and put into "Ice Ice Baby", and later tried to convice the public that his version was different. The Used and My Chemical Romance are currently performing Under Pressure on the Taste Of Chaos. They will be releasing a studio version to support victims of the Tsunami.
Under Pressure is THE BEST SONG EVER.

"Did you get to see MCR and The Used perform Under Pressure?"
by Rebecca April 06, 2005

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