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Will Turner has pirate's blood in him, yet he practises with a sword three hours a day, so that when he meets a pirate, he can kill him. A bit odd, eh matey? On his journey he ends up travelling with the famous and worst pirate of all, Cap'n Jack Sparrow.
My name is Will Turner. My father was Bootsrtap Bill Turner. His blood runs in my veins.
We're going to steal a ship. That ship?
This is either madness or brilliance.
It wasn't your blood they needed, it was my father's blood, my blood, the blood of a pirate.
by Rebecca November 26, 2003
Protector of the innocent... The name is a Saint/Warrior of Peace... Also The person with the name "Gurman" Has one of the realest or VERY GREAT personality
Great personality, Future looker
by Rebecca June 15, 2004
He is awesome. One of the best people to be around. He can make you fall for him so amazingly fast it is so pittiful. He makes you feel like your going to die when talking to him. He is that amazing!!!
Miguel is so perfect!
by Rebecca January 11, 2004
A girl who has the appearance and mental capacity of someone who has been hit by a truck.

It is pretty much reserved for asian sorority girls that wear too much makeup and are really stupid and annoying. Usually from Queens, although many attend the worst school in the world, Binghamton University.
Hey, did you see that girl trimming her split ends in class? She's such a truck girl.
by Rebecca April 25, 2005
True, believable, plausible, certainty
"yeah, but you haven't even had that many brewskies"
by Rebecca April 02, 2005
A celtic medieval band. Music by Richie Blackmoore and Lyrics by Candice Night.
I saw three ships 'a-sailing in, from acrross the sea. Stragners ne're were welcome but for curiosity. But come they did and when they did, ready they did stand. And things would never be the same in our villiage on the sand.

Paint me a picture and hang it on the wall. Colour it darkly the lines will start to crawl.

Raise your hands and your glasses too. We will dance the whole night through. we're going back to a time we knew, under a violet moon.
by Rebecca November 27, 2003
To play with a guys ball sack with your foot while in water
"Last night I gave my boyfriend an Aqua Foot Job in the hot tub"
by Rebecca June 29, 2004

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